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Coding Compliance and Medical Records Auditing

These components go hand in hand, and are both integral to the billing cycle of any corporate program.


  • Physician and outpatient professional services; per encounter (date of service)
  • Inpatient hospital stay

Deliverables after audit

  • Each encounter reported separately with findings and recommendations to improve
  • We provide a summary of all findings in an executive report
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Coding Education and Assistance

We provide coding education and assistance tailored to your needs and preferences. With guidelines being specific to each state and region of the U.S., our professionals stay current with national and local coding and billing guidelines.

We offer education:

  • Individually or in a classroom setting
  • In person, by phone or by Zoom
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Training and Education for Providers and Staff

Don’t worry—we’re not trying to train you to be a coder. We just want to equip you with enough knowledge to accurately and completely document services rendered so that you can practice medicine with confidence.

  • Group or individual setting in classroom or virtually
  • Documentation and best practices
  • Discussion and education on code selection and differences
  • Discussion of specific topics supplied by client
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Hospital and Insurance Credentialing Services

You should get paid for the services you render. Verifying education, training, experience and competency through proper credentialing will ensure that happens. With many years of experience in this area, we know how to take care of it.


Your guidance and direct assistance with our billing and auditing processes have significantly improved our billing accuracy and efficiency while ensuring that we remain fully current and compliant with all applicable government and payor requirements. Heartland Cardiology recommends Crossroads, and Brenda Edwards specifically, without reservation.

- Barry, Heartland Cardiology